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I am Julia Sangervo and I am running for parliament from Pirkanmaa. I am a 29-year-old psychologist (PsM) and regional welfare representative, as well as a long-term mental health influencer and civic activist.I have been chosen for my advocacy work on behalf of mental health as the psychology student of the year 2021 with the theme Peacekeeper. I am also the only Finnish psychologist who has done scientific research on climate action and the emotions evoked by climate change.

"Climaterice is a crisis caused by human activity -therefore, its solution also requires knowledge of psychology. Through my education and research background, the basis of all my work is in science."

"First of all, I am a human being

on the side of humanity."


I myself have survived a difficult teenage years: mental health problems for which I did not get help, and the resulting drug problem and dropping out of high school. I got a new opportunity through adult high school. I got into university, I trained myself as a psychologist, and now my goal is to help others.


My own experience has given me the understanding that life is not a straightforward performance pipeline. Everyone has a unique path, where you can face great challenges. That's why our most important task as a society is to take care of each other: prevent sickness and help those suffering from difficulties to get back to life.


"I went into politics because I have seen how our society is constantly acceleratingburn out both us and our environment."


We have ended up building a world where an increasing number of people become depressed, anxious and exhausted often even before entering the working life. At the same time, the climate crisis and loss of nature are deepening. The explosively growing number of exhaustion, mental health and substance abuse problems is already the biggest reason for disability retirement.


I saw that politics lacked the voice of both young people and mental health experts. That's why I ran outside of party politics in the first welfare regional elections in history. As a first-timer, I received a lot of support, which strengthened my belief that others also need the voice of mental health in politics. I would also like to bring it to the parliament.

"As a psychologist, I am particularly interested in changing communities, organizations and societyto prevent mental health problems and support well-being."


Mental health must be strengthened even before going to the psychologist's office. My approach to work is gentle and constructive: I believe that every person's actions are understandable in relation to what they have experienced -

andchange starts from the effort to understand.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming in natural waters and saunas all year round. I am endlessly curious, I love the sciences and the arts. I get excited about writing and long conversations. My dream is to visit every museum in Finland and I can often be found exploring new exhibitions. I hike in the woods with my dog and cycle a lot. I do yoga regularly and irregularly and I am also an avid video game enthusiast.




Master's and Bachelor's degree in psychology, average commendable

University of Tampere, 08/2016 - 12/2022


  • Psychology student of the year 2021, "Milenrauhanturvaaja", Finnish Association of Psychology Students. Raising awareness of mental health and highlighting the perspectives of psychology. A humane and open way of talking about mental health and encouraging students to use their own skills.

  • Graduate of the year 2020, Pirkanmaa Psychological Association &

  • Yrjö Haila graduate award 2021, Society for Social Science Environmental Research. Producing new psychological information and finding a perspective of hope for the current crisis, i.e. climate change.

  • Advocacy act of the year 2019, Tampere University Student Union for Cortex ry. Promoting students' well-being by contributing to the improvement of the university's study psychologist resource.



Freelancer - psychology expert communication and research

06/2019 - present moment

  • Writing, training and speaking, especially about the psychology of climate change, substance abuse and mental health services, and the mental health of young people and students.

  • Research articleabout youth climate anxietyFor the Youth Barometer 2021and internationalresearch articleabout climate anxiety and hope.


Study psychologist intern
University of Tampere, 08/2022 - 01/2023

  • Short psychological interventions for students, guiding groups, training & community work.

  • They were thanked for their persuasiveness as a professional in psychology and their social skills, as well as their humane approach to clients.


Student secretary, representative responsible for student activities
Finnish Psychological Association, 10/2019 - 04/2022

  • Advocacy and counseling of students, student communication, presentation, training and guidance of student groups, consulting of student organizations and international student cooperation.

  • I was praised for my ability to reform student activities and my communication and interaction skills. 


Development expert in a company focused on promoting well-being at work
Auntie Solutions, 06/2019 - 10/2019

  • Development of work well-being materials and exercises for customers. Subjects, e.g. recovery, stress and time management.

  • They were thanked for their writing skills and their active and cheerful work style.


Psychology teacher, entrance exam coach and student selection interviewer
Voionmaa educational center, 11/2016 - 07/2019

  • Planning and developing teaching and guiding and coaching student groups.

  • In addition to his approachable personality, he was praised for his ability to make clear materials.


Sekasin24/7 chat support person for children and young people
Red Cross, 10/2018-10/2019

  • Low-threshold mental health help for young people. Online help training.

  • We were praised for the ability to face people as people and sympathize in difficult situations.


Personal assistant
City of Tampere, 06/2018 - 09/2018

  • Assisting a quadriplegic in daily activities.

  • We were thanked for our conversational skills, empathy and accuracy.


  • Regional Commissioner, Pirkanmaa welfare area council, 03/2022-present

  • Member of the Future and Strategy Committee, Pirkanmaa welfare area council, 03/2022-present

  • Member of the professional working group for eco- and environmental psychology, Finnish Psychological Association, 12/2021-now

  • 2nd member of the Akava students' delegation, Akava students, 10/2019-04/2022

  • Voluntary, Psychologists' climate front, 03/2019-01/2021

  • Influencing and communication manager, Psychologists social responsibility association, 05/2019-05/2020

  • Social policy and equality officer, Cortex ry, 01/2017-12/2019

  • Member of the psychology degree program teaching planning work group, University of Tampere, 01/2019-12/2019

  • Voluntary, Therapy guarantee campaign, 02/2019-07/2019

  • Voluntary, Consent2018 campaign, 05/2018-06/2019

  • Local coordinator and trainer in the international Mind the Mind campaign against the stigma of mental health, European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations, 11/2018-06/2019

  • Editor, Tampere University Student Union, 01/2018-12/2018

  • International tutor, University of Tampere, 08/2018-12/2018

  • Instructor of study circles, University of Tampere, 09/2017-05/2018


  • Finland (C2). 

  • English (C1/C2). I have lived in Ireland from the age of 2-5 and attended primary school in English.

  • Spain (A2/B1) 

  • Sweden (A2)



I am an efficient user of technology and a quick learner.

  • E.g. O365, SPSS, HTML coding, Word, Powerpoint, social media. 

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